Tesla Provider Reviews: What Customers Say...

“CastleGate Electric is Tesla’s preferred electricians throughout the Phoenix-Scottsdale Area. CastleGate Electric, they were great.  They worked with us to come up with a better solution with less cost. Thank you, Tesla for letting us know about them.” ~ Marilyn S.

“The electrician was very professional. We also hired him to do some other work. He made a return visit without charge to check on the work. We were very happy with the experience.”
~ Donna S.

“Castle Gate was a great company. Tesla just provided the contact information for Castle Gate which saved me time finding an experienced electrician.” ~ Jud H.

“We could not be more pleased with Castle Gate Electric.”
~ Ronald W.

“CastleGate was great and very helpful in the design and estimating process . . . even went out of way to stop by the Tesla Service Center to pickup my HPWC and hold onto it until the following week when I had scheduled my install. The electrician who arrived to do the install was very thorough and cleaned up everything nicely as well.” ~ Richard F.

“Used CastleGate in Scottsdale. Recommended by Tesla delivery in Scottsdale. They could not have been better. Excellent technicians and totally service oriented. We will continue to use them for our electrical needs.” ~ Jerry S.

“Castle Gate Electric, who was recommended by Tesla, was fantastic!” ~ Alisa W.